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The Real Root-Cause of Your Pain
The Real Root-Cause of Your Pain
Has pain pushed you into an isolated life?

The most debilitating component of disease is pain. Modest estimates suggest that around 20% of the world’s population have had at least one episode of serious, chronic pain. In the United States alone, that’s more than 60 million people.1

According to the NIH and CDC National Health Interview Survey, an estimated 126 million adults, 55.7% of the U.S. population, reported some type of pain in the 3 months prior to the survey.2

Pain can turn your life upside down all the while leaving you incredibly isolated, even from those you love.  Sometimes all you can think about is your pain.

Every step, every move.

It can be insufferable, unrelenting, and overwhelming.

Even daily activities that you use to love can become a chore. With the pain ceasing to pause it can be difficult to feel connected. Maybe you are grieving for the person you were.


We see you, we hear you, and we know that you are suffering.

Your Brain is Pointing to Your Pain

Your brain is pointing to the signatures that explain the problem(s) happening in your body, and with that, letting you know that there is something wrong. How do we use this in Chinese Medicine? We know that there is a blockage.

Pain and Obstruction

When pain pathways function properly, they are a relay of chemical and electrical signals that move from the nerve endings in our bodies to the brain. It teaches us to avoid things that are hazardous. Your skin is packed with millions of specialized nerve endings programmed to detect danger.  

Pain is a sensation that your body is alerting you to that something needs your attention, like a general warning light.

When your body has an obstruction, the central nervous system says “HEY, we have a problem, alert the brain.” The brain then communicates with the entire body, relaying that an obstruction needs to be removed, and that if blood and oxygen do not reach the offending area there will be serious trouble. A pain signal is sent so that you remove the interference. As soon as the blockage is removed, the body turns the signal off.

The Ancient Doctrine of 痹证 Bì Zhèng

This ancient doctrine of 痹证 bì zhèng, or obstruction, modernized says, “all pain is due to obstruction; if you eliminate the obstruction, you eliminate the pain.”  And so Relief was made to eliminate blockages therefore relieving pain, not just blunting the pain response.

This isn’t another pain pill that will stop your pain receptors. It doesn’t just deal with symptoms. From acute to chronic pain that can linger, Relief opens blockages within the body.

This information is intended to inform you about the energetic and healing aspects of Chinese Medicine. It is our intention to educate people who are open-minded about natural alternatives to healing pain. The information is to be used at your own discretion. It is best to find a doctor specializing in Chinese Medicine for acute conditions to supervise your treatments. This content does not replace the advice of a medical professional. Consult your physician before making any changes to your regular health plan.

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